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business exam ch8 words only

Term Definition
operations management development and administration of the activities involved in transforming resources into goods and services
manufacturing activities and processes used in making tangible products
production making tangible products, same thing as manufacturing
operations activities and processes used in making both TANGIBLE and INTANGIBLE goods
inputs the RESOURCES, labor, money material and energy that are converted into outputs
outputs the GOODS, SERVICES, and IDEAS that result from the conversion of inputs
standardization making of identical interchangeable components or products
modular design creation of an item in self contained units or modules that can be combined or interchangeable to create different products
customization making products to meet a particular customers needs and wants
purchasing buying of all the materials needed by the organization; also called procurement
quality control processes an organization uses to maintain its established quality standards
ISO 9000 designed to ensure the customer's quality standards are met
ISO 14000 comprehensive set of environmental standards that encourage a cleaner and safer world

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