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business exam ch7 words only

Term Definition
centralized organization a structure at the top and very little decision making authority is delegated to lower level
customer departmentalization arrangement of jobs around the needs of various type of customers
decentralized organization an organization in which decision making authority is delegated as far down the chain of command as possible
delegation of authority giving employees not only tasks but power to commitments, use resources and take whatever actions are necessary to carry out those task
span of management number of subordinates who report to a particular manager
line structure simplest organizational structure, in which direct lines of authority extend from top manager to the lowest level of the organization
multidivisional structure a structure that organizes departments into larger groups called divisions
task force temporary group of employees responsible for bringing about a particular change
matrix structure structure that sets up teams from different departments, thereby creating two or more interesting lines of authority – project management structure
organizational culture firms shared values, beliefs, traditions, philosophies, rules and role model for behavior EX: CHICK FIL A
specialization the division of labor into small, specific tasks and the assignment of employees to do a single task
functional departmentalization grouping of jobs that perform similar functional activities, such as finance, manufacturing, marketing and human resources
geographical departmentalization grouping of jobs according to geographic location, such as state, region, country or continent
line and staff structure having a traditional line between superiors and subordinates and also specialized managers called staff managers, who are available to assist line managers

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