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Business and labor

Question Answer
The owner is in charge and example is Norco diner Sole proprietorship
Two people are in charge and example is Ben & Jerrya??s ice cream shop Partnership
Share holders are in charge and example is Apple Corporation
The franchises and franchisor are in charge and example is Subway Franchise
people or person who started it is the example is Red Cross Non-profit Organization
Type of person that lack skills Structural
When people are in between jobs Frictional
Unemployment occurs due to major ups and downs of the nations economy Cyclical
When machines and technology Replace workers Technological
Therea??s limited need for certain type of work At that specific time of year Seasonal
What are two reasons why workers sometimes form labor unions This shift from manufacturing jobs to service jobs
Whata??s all this use one work with and management first try to negotiate the terms of a work contract Collective-bargaining
Is bugging between a boss and union is a successful what is a mixed up the labor union take Strike or picket
Why would a boss or employee use the court order inJunction The party fails to comply with an injunction faces criminal or civil penalties or imprisonment
Who would go on strike Workers
Who Will picket Workers
Who would use inJunction A boss orManager
Who would use meditation arbitration and collective bargaining Both bosses and union workers
I work with that achieved a college degree or technical degree Skilled work
I work that requires no special training or certification to perform a job Unskilled
Worker that needs training on the job Semi skilled
I work with I have training or certification in a specialized area Professional

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