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Bus Boycott1955-1956 The Montgomer Bus Boycott 1955-1956

Question Answer
Where is Montgomery? Alabama, USA
After what case did the Supreme Court declare segregation in public schools unconstitutional? Brown vs. Board of Education
When did the bus boycott begin? 1st of December 1955
What does MIA stand for? Montgomgery Improvement Association
What does NAACP stand for? National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People
Who was head of the MIA? Martin Luther King
What date did the Supreme Court declare segregation in public transport illegal? 13 November 1956
What was Rosa Park's job before the boycott? She was a seamstress
Who refused to give up her seat on a bus before Rose Parks did? 15-year-old Claudette Colvin
Whose idea was it of peaceful protest? Martin Luther King's
When was the NAACP set up? 1909

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