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Body Part Words Body Part Word Parts

Term Definition
Adip/o Fat
Lip/o Fat
Steat/o Fat
Appendic/o Veniform Appendix
Arth/o Joint
Axill/o Armpit
Blephar/o Eyelid
Card/io Heart
Cephal/o Head
Cerebr/o Brain
Encephala/o Brain
Cervic/o Neck
Cholecyst/o Gallbladder
Chondr/o Cartilage
Col/o Large Instestine
Cost/o Rib Cross Section
Crani/o Skull
Cyst/o Urinary Bladder
Derm/o Skin
Enter/o Small Intestine
Esophag/o Esophagus
Gastr/o Stomach
Hepat/o Liver
Later/o Side
Mast/o Breast
Mamm/o Breast
My/o Muscle
Muscul/o Muscle
Myel/o Spinal Cord
Nas/o Nose
Rhin/o Nose
Nephr/o Kidney
Ren/o Kidney
Neur/o Nerve
Opthalm/o Eye
Ocul/o Eye
Or/o Mouth
Stomat/o Mouth
Oste/o Bone
Ot/o Ear
Pancreat/o Pancreas
Pharyng/o Throat
Phren/o Diagphram
Pneum/o Lung
Pneumon/o Lung
Rect/o Rectum
Proct/o rectum
Spleen/o Spleen
Thorac/o Chest
Thyroid/o Thyroid Gland
Trache/o Trachea
Eponyms Terms used in medicine that are named after people, places, or things. They are usually used to identify the individual who identified or discovered a substance, disease, or structure.
Anatomical Parts Achilles tendon, Adam's Apple, Eustachian Tube, circle of Willis
Diagnostic Test Papanicolaou (Pap Smear), Gram's stain
Diseases Alzheimer's, Down Syndrome, Parkinson's disease.
Instruments or medical devices Holter monitor, Luer Lock
Medical signs Braxton-Hicks contractions, Babinski signs
Medical Treatments Heimlich Manuever
Microorganisms Listeria, Epstein-Barr virus, Escherichia coli
Surgeries Syme's amputations, Whipple's procedure

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