flash cards

BLW 22

Question Answer
sale of goods UCC law
all other contracts common law
if a contract involves both goods and services, consider which is the predominant part of the contract. if it is goods then use? UCC
perfect tender UCC law
applies to merchants UCC law
substantial performace common law
applies tp everybody common law
UCC distinguishes between merchants? ordinary people
merchants have duty to perform with? commercial reasomableness
commercial reasonableness equals? good faith
a seller must deliver _______ goods in _______ with a contract in every detail and within a reasonable time tender conformity
if goods are tendered perfectly buyer must? accept
seller makes the conforming goods available to buyer at the sellers place of business? tender
tender does not require the seller to ? physically deliver goods to the buyer
when the goods are tendered? risk of loss passes to the buyer
by agreement between the parties, if the goods are destroyed, commercial impracticability? exceptions to perfect tender
seller has the right to _________ if the seller has selivered non conforming of goods? cure
both buyer and seller can seek _______ if they reasonably believe the other party will breach the contract assurance

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