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Biology Chapter 10

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Genes Functional unit that controls inherited trait expression is passed on from one generation to another generation.
Homologous Chromosomes One of two paired chromosomes, one from each parent, that carries genes for a specific trait at the same place.
Gamete A haploid sex cell, formed during meiosis that can combine with another haploid sex cell and produce a diploid fertilized egg.
Fertilization Process by which haploid gametes combine, forming a diploid cell with 2n chromosomes, with n chromosomes from the female parent and n chromosomes from the male parent.
Meiosis Reduction division process, occurring only in reproductive cell, which one diploid (2n) cell produces four haploid (n) cells that are not genetically identical.
Crossing Over Exchange of chromosomal segments between a pair of homologous Chromosome during prophase 1 of meiosis.
Haploid Cell with half the number of chromosomes (n) as a diploid (2n) cell.
Diploid Having two copies of each chromosome (2n).
Synapsis The homologous Chromosomes condense, they begin to form pairs in a process.

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