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Bio 111- Topic 15 (Terms) Properties of Populations + Life History Strategies

Term Definition
Abiotic Ex: temperature, rainfall, presence of geographical structures like mountains + oceans, etc
Biotic Ex: Past+current presence of other species that provide habitat, food, or competition
Demography the study of factors that determine the size and structure of populations and how they change through time
Iteroparous Produces few offspring many times in life
Phenotypic Plasticity Same genotype producing different phenotypes depending on environmental conditions
Population *different definition from usual* Group of individuals of a single species that have a reasonable chance of mating (reproductive opportunities)
Population Ecology Study of populations and their interactions with environment – including density, distribution, age structure, and population size
Density # of individuals per unit area
Principle of Allocation Energy invested (used) in one trait/characteristics can't be used for another. – results in trade-offs
Life History Traits Physiological, behavioral features that affect reproduction, survival, population structure, growth, habitat, competition
Suvivorship Curve graph depicting the % of a population that survives to different ages
K selection selection for traits that are favorable in HIGH DENSITY conditions
r selection selection for traits that maximize reproductive success and are favorable in LOW DENSITY conditions
Dispersion the pattern of spacing of individuals within boundaries of the population
Population Density # of individuals per unit area

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