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Apuleius pg IX Vocabulary

Term Definition
quamquam although
enim indeed, of course, truly
peculio money, property
Poserpinae Proserpina, Persephone, queen of the underworld
Orci god of the infernal regions, another name for Dis, Pluto
numeratus to count, reckon
subito suddenly
contrariam opposite
faciem appearance, look, face
obstupefactus to stun, astound, to be dumbfounded
haesi to be unable to move, to stick to a spot
idoneis adequate, appropriate
expedire to extricate, explain, narrate
iugulatorum to kill, slaughter
utres leather bag, wine-skin
inflati to blow into (an instrument), to inflate
variis numerous and varied, changing
secti to cut
foraminibus hole
vespertinum footstep, step, trace
proelium battle
recordabar to call to mind, recollect
locis place
hiantes to gap, be wide open
latrones robber, brigand
vulneraveram to wound
tunc then
quorundam a certain person/thing
astu cunning, trick
paulisper briefly
cohibitus to restrain, reduce in size
risus laughter
libere freely
exarsit to catch fire, to blaze with passion
plebem the general populace
hi he, this
gaudii joy
nimietate excess
gratulari to give thanks, congratulate, be glad
dolorem pain
ventris belly
compressione squeezing, compression
sedare relieve, mitigate
certe certainly, surely
laetitia joy, happiness, pleasure
delibuti smeared with/ overflowing (+abl)
respectantes to look back, keep looking at
cuncti the whole, all
theatro theatre
facessunt go away, depart

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