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Anatomy Ch. 6 Vocab

Question Answer
From; (Abduction) Ab-
A vinegar cup; (Acetabulum of the hip joint) Acetabulum
Toward, to; (Adduction) Ad-
On both sides; (Amphiarthrosis) Amphi-
Joint; (Synarthrosis) Arthros
Precursor; (Osteoblast) Blast
Around; (Circumduction) Circum-
Break; (Osteoclast) Clast
Clavicle; (Clavicle) Clavius
Shell; (Middle concha) Concha
Crown; (Coronoid fossa) Corona
Skull; (Cranium) Cranio
Sieve; (Cribriform plate) Cribrum
Tooth; (Dens) Dens
Through; (Diarthrosis) Dia-
To lead; (adduction) Duco
Out; (Eversion) e-
A bolting together; (Gomphosis) Gomphosis
Into; (Inversion) In-
Beneath; (Infraspinous fossa) Infra-
Tears; (Lacrimal bones) Lacrimae
Thin plate; (Lamellae of bone) Lamella
Little hammer; (Medial malleolus) Malleolus
Crescent; (Menisci) Meniscus
Bone; (Osteocytes) Osteon
Lacking; (Osteopenia) Penia
Sole; (Plantar) Planta
Porous; (Osteoporosis) Porosus
Wall; (Nasal septum) Septum
PIllar; (Styloid process) Stylos
Above; (Supraspinous fossa) Supra
A sewing together; (Suture) Sutura
Cylindrical; (Ligamentum teres) Teres
Wall; (Trabeculae in spongy bone) Trabecula
Pulley; (Trochlea) Trochlea
To turn; (Inversion) Vertere

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