flash cards

A night divided

Term Definition
Accesory Someone who gives assistance to a crime, without direct commmitting it to sometimes without even being present, like an accomplice
Envided Wanting to have something that someone else has
Treason The act of betraying onea??s country
Incited To urge or persuade someone to act in a violent or unlawful way
Inevitably Automatically , inavoidably
Rebellion Disobedience, Defiance ,not doing what they are told
Snarled To say something in an angry way
Propaganda Information that is sometimes misleading and persuasive
NaA®ve Innocent,trusting
Wagers Bets;gambles
Bouffant A hairstyle that is puffy and in a rounded shape
Inconspicuous Unnoticeable; hidden
Deceit Lying,not truthful
EXPOSED To make something visible by uncovering it

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