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8th Grade SS Reconstruction

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Why did Lincoln not not sign the wade-Davis bill He favored a more lenient plan for reconstruction
What was part of Lincoln's 10% plan New State governments had to declare an end to slavery
What was Lincolns 10% plan? It stated that as soon as enough (10%) of a states voters swore an oath of loyalty to the US and the Constitution the voters could organize a new state government
Why did Lincolns plan for reconstruction not get put into practice Lincoln was assassinated
What was the Reconstruction Act of 1867? It declared that to return to the Union each southern state had to allow African Americans to vote
What was the KKK A secret society that terrorized African Americans
What was the major criticism of Black Codes They replaced slavery with a similar system since they denied many rights to African Americans
What was one of the first signs of conflict between Pres. Johnson and Congress over reconstruction Congress refused to seat southern senators who had been newly elected by southern states
When did Radical Republicans begin to lose power When Grant was elected President. He was a moderate Republican
What was reconstruction The period after the civil war when the South was rebuilt and restored to the Union
What was a Carpetbagger Northerners who moved south during reconstruction to gain wealth or power
What was a Scalawag? A southerner who supported the Radical Republican (viewed as traitors by fellow southerners)
Name a positive effect of Reconstruction? New constitutional ammendments expanded political and civil rights of African Americans
What were Black Codes Laws which restricted the political rights of African Americans in the south
What were Jim Crow laws Laws put in place to keep blacks and whites separated and deny african americans rights.
In addition to Jim Crow laws, what other tools did souther govts use to deny rights to African Americans Poll Taxes, literacy tests, grandfather clauses.
What was the Ku Klux Klan A group which terrorized African Americans and tried to maintain segregation in the south as well as prevent them from voting
What is Segregation The process of separating the races in society (keeping whites and blacks separate)
Following the war, many Freedmen were very poor. What did they do to earn money Many became sharecroppers
What was the Freedmen's bureau? It was established to help former slaves by providing food, job training and education
What was Plessy vs. Ferguson ? It legalized segregation as long as things were separate but equal. Facilities were rarely equal
What did the 13th Ammendment do It ended slavery in America
What did the 14th Ammendment do Granted citizenship to African Americans
What did the 15th Amendment do Said a citizen cannot be denied the right to vote based on race.
When did Reconstruction end When Hayes agreed to remove federal troops in the south in exchange for enough electoral votes to win the Presidency
What is impeachment When a public official is accused of committing a crime or other wrong doing
What was the Wade-Davis Bill Strict plan for reconstruction where 50% of voters would have to sign a loyalty oath before the state could return to the union.. Lincoln never signed.
White Southerners who supported the new Republican governments Scalawags
Why were northerners called carpetbaggers when they came to the South Because they came in such a hurry they only packed a few items in their suitcase called a "carpetbag".
Hiram Revels The first black senator in 1870
Conservatives Southerners who Held power before the Civil War did not want the south to change.
Dressed in white robes and hoods and used intimidation violence and murder to scare African Americans KKK
Sharecroppers Landowners provided land, tools, seed to freedmen and poor whites to grow crops to be sold and proceeds split. Kept cycle of poverty because after expenses sharecroppers didn't earn enough to pay landowners back.
Poll tax Fee to pay in order to vote
Who was Homer Plessy African American man arrested for sitting in a coach marked "for whites only"Plessy v Ferguson upheld segregation laws
John Wilkes Both Assassinated Lincoln
How did african americans benefit from the 14th amendment Granted citizenship to them
A chief goal of the freedmens bureau To promote education
How were the 13, 14 and 15 amendments similar They helped african americans gain civil rights
The civil rights act of 1866 was a response to Black Codes
The KKK played a role in Keeping African Americans away from voting
What did the Supreme Court ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson do? It supported segregation
In the early days of reconstruction Freedmen… Some people cheated them by not paying for work they had done
Why was there conflict between Johnson and Congress Johnson put his plan for reconstruction into effect without consulting Congress
How were Lincoln and Johnson similar They both favored lenient plans for reconstruction
Why were southern laws that stopped African americans from voting NOT considered illegal They applied in theory to both whites and blacks (but were enforced mostly agains blacks)
What is a copperhead A northern democrat who opposed using force (war)
What is amnesty A group pardon
Why was reconstruction necessary The south had been nearly destroyed during fighting of the civil war. Two thirds of the railroads were destroyed.
What was Radical Reconstruction Act of 1867 It removed the governments of all southern states that refused to ratify the 14th ammendment and then imposed military rule on these states dividing them into military districts
What happened in 1876 Americans gathered in Philadelphia for the Centennial (100 year celebration)
What two technologies were introduced at the centennial? Telephone and steam engine
What deal did Hayes make in 1876 In exchange for withdrawal of troop from the south, he was awarded electoral votes that were in dispute.
Why was the withdrawal of troops from the south bad for African Americans Nobody to enforce laws. Gave the southern states the chance to keep African Americans from exercising their civil rights
What types of laws restricted African Americans from voting Poll taxes, Literacy tests, grandfather clause (if your grandfather voted, you can vote.)
What is an example of Jim Crow laws Laws separating blacks and whites in school, restaurants, theaters, trains etc
What did the term New South mean It described the South's ability to rely on its own natural resources to build industry instead of depending on the north
Lincoln's 10% plan also offered this to confederates who swore loyalty to the union Amnesty
Who shot President Lincoln John Wilkes Booth, because he blamed him for the South's defeat
There shall be no slavery or forced labor in the US except as punishment for a crim 13th Amendment which banned slavery
Many Northerners opposed President Johnson because He ignored reports against black codes.
Race Riots in New Orleans, Louisiana and Memphis helped encourage Radical Republicans
The 14th ammendment which granted citizenship to blacks was an attempt to Resolve the differences between congress and the black codes

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