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8th Grade HISTORY Chapter 4 Test – November 10th

Question Answer
William Pitt Oversaw the war effort from London
Harvard First North American College
Edward Braddock British commander in North America
Tidewater Region of large Southern PLANTATIONS.
Slave Codes Laws that governed slaves
Subsistence Type of farming practiced in New England
Cash Crop Type of farming practiced in New York & Pennsylvania (Middle Colonies)
Rice The most profitable cash crop in South Carolina and Georgia.
An Economic RESOURCE England view of its North American colonies.
Benjamin Franklin He exemplified the ENLIGHTENMENT.
Militia Groups of civilians trained to fight in emergencies.
Albany Plan of Union Proposal sought to unite the American colonies against the French.
Iroquois Confederacy Most powerful group of Native Americans in the East (based in NY)
Jeffrey Amherst British commander
Pontiac Ottawa Chief
Proclamation of 1763 Halted westward expansion
New England Location of the hub of the shipping trade in North America
Enslaved Africans Labor for the Southern rice fields
Backcountry In the Southern Colonies, the region of small farms.
Mercantilism Theory holds that a nation's power depended on expanding its trade.
Albany Plan of Union Plan called for one general government for all the American colonies.
George Washington British commander was sent to conquer the French in the Ohio Valley
Backcountry and Tidewater Two types of regions in the Southern Colonies

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