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8 Mr. Wilkinson’s Restrictive British Policies

Question Answer
taxation A charge usually of money imposed by government upon persons or property for public purposes
representation To act for or on behalf of
Quartering Acts In 1775, a law that required English colonists to provide housing, bedding, candles, and beverages for British soldiers in colonies.
Stamp Act Passed in 1765, this was a tax on legal documents, newspapers, playing cards, and dice
Sugar Act In 1764 this placed a new tax on molasses.
unity The state of oneness
repeal Cancel
Tea Act Parliament passed this trying to help the E. India Company
Sons of Liberty Group formed during the Stamp Act to protest British policies
Militia army of citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency
First Continental Congress A meeting between 12 colonies that was in response to the Intolerable Acts
Griffin's Wharf The sight in Boston where the Boston Tea Party occured
Boston Tea Party Colonists dressed up as Indians to dump tea in the harbor
George Grenville British Prime Minister who believed that the colonists should share the burden of the dept
tar and feather The act of dumping tar and then feathers to humiliate someone
effigy A representation of a particular individual
insolence Rude or Disrespectful behavior
oppressive unjustly harsh rule over an individual or group of people

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