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6.5D Vocabulary MUST STUDY

Term Definition
Matter Anything that has volume and mass.Matter occurs as elements,compounds,and mixtures.
Substance Any form of matter that is uniform throughout and has consistent properties.
Element A pure substance composed of the same type of atom throughout.
Compound Pure substance made of two or more kinds of atoms bound together.
Property Physical and chemical characteristics of matter used to describe or identify a substance.
Physical Property Characteristics that can be observed or measured without changing the substance.
Chemical Property Characteristics that can only be observed or measured when atoms of matter rearrange during a chemical change.
Physical Change A change to a substance without forming a new substance,such as changing size or state of matter.
States of Matter Distinct forms of matter known in everyday experience:solid,liquid,and gas.
Chemical Change A change that alters the identity of a substance resulting in a new substance or substances with different properties.
Temperature Change Increase or decrease of heat energy in substance may be evidence of a new substance formed during chemical change.
Production of Precipitate Evidence of a new substance formed from a chemical change,resulting in solid particles that form or separate out of a liquid
Production of Gas Evidence of a new substance formed from chemical change
Color Change Visible change in substance coloration is evidence of a new substance formed from chemical change
Production of Heat or Light Evidence of release of energy during a chemical change.

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