Place-based policy in London

In the latest blog post, Historic England’s Graham Saunders writes about a new campaign to keep heritage at the heart of London’s future, and how you can help shape this vision with your views. 

London is a city of extraordinary history, vitality and diversity. It is blessed with a strong sense of self and resilience. It is also a city which is under pressure to grow and change to meet the needs of Londoners, in terms of affordable homes, space to work and better infrastructure and connectivity.

Looking over london

Historic England supports sustainable change, which can be achieved by delivering good growth, through placing the management of London’s heritage at the heart of key decisions about London’s future. In late 2016 Historic England, via a panel of experts in place-making, facilitated discussion on the challenges for London’s heritage in light of the Mayor’s current review of the London Plan and other strategies. Stimulated by a series of research studies undertaken by Historic England the debate highlighted a series of recommendations which fed into our response to the Mayor’s vision document A City for all Londoners.

The key recommendations in our report Keep it London are to;

  • Let Londoners speak, by ensuring early and meaningful consultation with all involved in London’s future; and to
  • Make local plans transparent, and celebrate London’s character, by ensuring development and strategies are character-led.

Following this approach will help ensure heritage is placed at the heart of London’s future, and is given equal consideration when planning and assessing proposals for change to our great city.

To help make this approach happen we are asking for London to have a clear and robust heritage strategy, led by the Greater London Authority and supported by key partners such as Historic England. This strategy should be cross-cutting in its development and implementation, so providing a framework where London’s heritage is valued, celebrated and used effectively to inform future change.

We want to champion London’s heritage, and help support others in building on our great city’s character and diversity, let’s Keep it London!

If you want to know more about the debate, its recommendations and how Historic England is campaigning to Keep it London, then please go to our web site, and join the debate!

Or you can write to Historic England to know more about how we are engaging with the Mayor on the review of the London Plan –