What places mean to people, and why this is important for health and wellbeing?

Research in health geography is building a significant body of knowledge about how and why places matter for our health and wellbeing. The research links to a wider body of interdisciplinary research on the ‘wider (social) determinants of health’ [1] which include aspects of the natural, built and social environment that are important for our health and wellbeing. These attributes of places act together with other factors that influence our health, such as our individual characteristics and behaviours and the medical care and treatment we receive. Read More

The virtual and the physical: The growth of social media data on places, and its implications

Into the city

In the past, people walked the streets and left no trace. This is no longer true. We are creating large amounts of data about the places around us: how we move through them, and how they move us. This is being driven by our increasing capacity to create, store and analyse data. One source of this data has been the growth in smart phone and social media use.[1] The geotagged social media data generated by phones and cameras is producing spatial data on a large number of people’s interactions with their surroundings.  Read More