People, Place and Surroundings

In this post, Professor Patsy Healey FBA discusses the complex nature of ‘place’ and how a better understanding of this can support more nuanced place policy. 

In the UK, our public policy inheritance reflects a paradox. On the one hand, our cultural traditions are deeply imbued with a strong sense of place, expressed in our concern for the qualities of our diverse cities, towns and villages, and our varied landscapes. On the other, our government arrangements are dominated by a centrally-driven and sectoral policy organisation. Read More

Welcome to Where We Live Now

Bham occupancyIn this inaugural blog post, Fiona Reynolds and Deborah Lamb discuss the aims and activities of the Where We Live Now project.

Throughout our careers, we have seen first-hand how powerful and meaningful people’s connections to place can be. Their connections to place permeate all aspects of their working, family and social lives, and often have profound connections to wellbeing.

Decisions that affect people’s lives, however, are often rather determinedly disconnected from the places they care about. The ‘scale’ of decision making remains national, sometimes supranational, yet the scale of people’s experience is profoundly local. Read More